June books


Or books I’ve gotten in the past month, but “late May to late June books” just doesn’t sound as nice.

Flannery O’Connor – Complete Stories
Because I love Southern Gothic and short-stories, but have yet to read any female author in that genre. Now is the time.
Flannery O’Connor – Wise Blood
Because I except to love the short-story collection so much I will need more instantly.
Philipp Meyer – The Son
Because Meyer’s style has been compared to McCarthy, Steinbeck and Faulkner. Northeastern Gothic? Great Lakes Gothic?
Philipp Meyer – American Rust
Because I pre-collect.
Denis Johnson – Train Dreams
Because when I get really into a genre, I go nuts. Western Gothic and anything wildernessy.
Bill Bryson – A Walk in the Woods
Because I too want to hike for months on end.
Peter Ackroyd – Hawksmoor
Because it had a cool cover and looked pretty bleak.
Richard Yates – The Easter Parade
Because his Eleven Kinds of Loneliness is one of the best collections of short-stories out there. And Revolutionary Road. Come on.
Daniel Woodrell – Winter’s Bone
Because… I’ll just be repeating myself here.
Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See
Because it’s getting all this praise and may make for good summer reading.
John Irving – A Prayer for Owen Meany
Because it had better ratings than The Cider House Rules.
John Irving – The Cider House Rules
Because I really want to read it.
Hilary Thayer Hamann – Anthropology of an American Girl
Because I haven’t read a lot of coming-of-age literature and this had pretty colors.
Nikolai Gogol – Petersburg Tales
Because I hope to make friends with the Russians yet. (No, not even The Master and Margarita could do that).
David Grann – Lost City of Z
Because I love South America despite the humidity and bugs of the Amazon. And archaeological mysteries are fun!
Warren Fellows – The Damage Done
Because I’ve already watched every episode of Locked Up Abroad/Banged Up Abroad.
Nathan Filer – The Shock of the Fall
Because Amazon had three paperbacks for £10 and I needed a third.
Richard Flanagan – The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Because of the rave reviews and war.

I’m sure I’ll get more before June is over. And then I’ll have to start doing my summer picks.  Sure, I won’t get through all of these this summer, but you need choices. Whenever I finish a book and am ready to start the next, I love perusing my bookcases to see what tickles my fancy. I order books that I feel like reading now. I may not feel like it in a week, but maybe in a month or a year. No, I haven’t read all of my books and no, I don’t buy them just to fill the shelves or to pretend to read more than I do. I just like having a stash, even if it is a large one and one I will probably never get all the way through, unless at some point I decide to stop buying books. I really don’t see that happening. And so what if there are books on my shelves I will never read? It’s about never running out, not about being done.

Do you guys ever get those annoying questions about your book collection? And do you feel guilty about buying more books when you have plenty to choose from already?



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2 thoughts on “June books

  1. Ja, jeg kan faktisk godt føle mig lidt ‘skyldig’ når jeg køber nye bøger, mens jeg ved, at der står en lang række ulæste bøger på hylden. Men på den anden side ville det også være helt forkert slet ikke at have nogle ulæste bøger. For som dig, er det nu dejligt at gå ind til reolen og finde noget spændende.

    Jeg har kun læst ‘The Cider House Rules’ af de bøger du viser frem, men den synes jeg til gengæld også var super god. Som i VIRKELIG god 🙂

    1. Åh fordømt at jeg først ser din kommentar nu. Jeg er jo lige begyndt på en af de andre bøger. Nå, Cider House Rules må være den næste så.
      Engang havde jeg dårlig samvittighed hver gang jeg købte nye bøger, nu er det kun af og til. Måske det engang helt holder op. Samvittigheden indser nok at den spilder sin tid 🙂