Literature Festival and Book Shopping


So I went to a small, local literature festival a couple of weeks ago. There were several interesting talks with and between authors, literary researchers and other fancy people. I couldn’t go to as much of it as I had wanted because of work (always getting in the way of stuff). But I did manage to catch a couple of Danish heavy-weights talking about differences in their works. That was great. There was a kind of silly literature quiz between two teams of beforementioned fancy people – I think I could probably have won it. That was alright too. And I heard three young(-ish) Danish writers talk about climate change and ecoliterature. Very interesting! One of them (Charlotte Weitze) had been to a convention on climate change, where a scientist had resignedly told her, they hoped artists could help people to realize the severity of the climate situation, since the scientists seemed to be coming up short. A kind of depressing topic, but I like it when artists try and use their influence and persuasion for good. A young poet on the panel, Rasmus Nikolajsen, said that maybe the world needs a good purge. I liked him. I don’t like poetry very much, though, so I didn’t buy his book.

I did buy a book by the third author, Dennis Gade Kofod, because it’s set on Bornholm and I love me some provincial literature. As you can tell from the picture, that’s not all I bought. There were booksellers as the festival, of course, but I may also have gone a bit nuts in my favorite bookstore. I chalk it up to that festival spirit.

Here we go!

Garth Risk Hallberg – City on Fire
Because I’ve been wanting to read it and it’s so so pretty!

Iben Mondrup – Godhavn
Because Kim Leine has inspired me to read more Greenland-based literature.

Wolfgang Büscher – Berlin-Moskva
Because who wouldn’t want to just walk for an entire summer?

Thomas Espedal – Gå (English: Tramp)
Hah, well, because… walking. Also, I think Norwegian literature may be the second best in the world.

Per Petterson – Ud og stjæle heste (English: Out Stealing Horses)
Because the Norwegian landscape is the best literary setting.

Svend Åge Madsen – Tugt og utugt i mellemtiden
Because he is perhaps the biggest contemporary Danish writer and I haven’t read him! Also, it’s set in Aarhus.

Stig Sæterbakken – Gennem natten
Because it was cheap and Norwegian and supposedly dark. My three favorite things (not really).

Dennis Gade Kofod – Nancy
Because… I already told you. I’ve finished this and will review it in a moment.

Kim Leine – De Søvnløse
Because it’s Greenland and Kim Leine!

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