Olavs drømme, Kvældsvævd and Bådehuset by Jon Fosse


Title: Olavs drømme and Kvældsvævd
Author:  Jon Fosse
Publisher: Batzer & Co
Release Date: 2015 (org. 2012)
Rating: 5/5

Parts two and three of Jon Fosse’s award-winning trilogy about the plights and dreams of a young, poor couple in 19th century Norway. Everything I said about part one, although that wasn’t not much, applies here too. The incredible thing is that these are even better. The language is the same, no full stops anywhere, but the story becomes more haunting and beautiful with every twist and turn. Jon Fosse’s ability to deal with the biggest issues in life in such few pages and such simplistic language is mind-blowing. He seems to be big in Norway and he deserves to be big everywhere else too. I’m not going to reveal anything about the story because you need to read this yourselves. If you read Danish or Norwegian, there is no excuse to not read Fosse. Seriously, get going.

Title: Bådehuset
Author:  Jon Fosse
Publisher: Batzer & Co
Release Date: 2007 (org. 1989)
Rating: 4/5

Apparently Fosse was just as wonderful back in the 80’s when he wrote this short novel. The language is reminiscent of that of the trilogy, though he does use full stops, which makes for a slightly less dizzying read. The story is, again, fairly straight forward. The narrator lives in a house with his mother, never leaves the house anymore and has decided to write. He writes about his childhood and his then best friend. Slowly more and more details about their friendship and its end emerge. One day his ex-friend is back in town with wife and kids, and the drama unfolds. Slowly. I won’t give too much away, because the way the story is constructed is what makes this book amazing. Again, why the heck isn’t Fosse bigger in Denmark than he is? I just don’t get it. Read this, and even if you find the story dull, keep going. The last part of the book is ingenious.

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