August books


Knut Hamsun – Sult
Because it’s been recommended to me several times, so I figured why not give it a go. I love Norwegian, after all. Right after ordering it I read how Knausgård reads it in Min Kamp 5, which must be some sort of sign.
Mark Z Danielewski – House of Leaves
Because it’s supposed to be insane! It definitely looks it. I’ll post some pictures of it later; strangest format I’ve seen.
Stephen King – It
Because I’ve only read it on my Kindle and I just couldn’t go one more day without owning a hard copy. It’s such a fantastic novel.
Stephen King – The Stand
Because [insert above-mentioned reason but replace Kindle with audiobook… and change some of the other words, because “read it on my audiobook” is stupid.]
Shirley Jackson – We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Because I’ve come across it several times on recommended lists, and I loved The Lottery…
William Gay – The Long Home
Because you can honestly never have too much, or even enough, Southern Gothic, and I’ve loved everything else I’ve read by him.
Jaroslav Hasek – The Good Soldier Svejk – And His Fortunes in the World War
Because it inspired Catch-22. That is surely reason enough. Why haven’t I bought it sooner, then? Hush.
Don Delillo – Americana
Because it’s Don Delillo, come on people!
Jorge Luis Borges – Labyrinths
Because I’ve decided to give him a 3rd chance. I’m sure he’d appreciate my effort.
Justin Cronin – The Passage
Because… I don’t know. Good reviews, might be good for some easy reading?

What was your best buy in August?

Book sale!


I usually buy all of my books online. Since I rarely read anything but English books, it just doesn’t make sense to buy them in local stores as opposed to ordering them from Amazon and the likes. Financially, I mean, let’s not get into a whole ethical discussion here. The main downside to this is that it’s hard discovering completely new books and authors that I haven’t first heard about somewhere else and that don’t appear in my recommendations list. So I do enjoy browsing real-life bookstores a lot more and my local book pusher’s 20% off last Thursday gave me an excuse to pick up stuff I didn’t know anything about beforehand. I had after all gone a whole day without buying any new book. OK, All the Light We Cannot See I knew about and not all of these names were new to me, but the books are. I almost never buy books that I haven’t read at least some reviews of or comments on, so I’m excited to see how I’ll feel about my almost random picks (I picked a couple of them because of pretty covers). Not that I generally rely a whole lot on the opinion of strangers, but do I like to at least make sure that hundreds of people don’t agree that it’s a 1-star experience, before I venture into unknown lands.

I tend to go for the darker books and bleaker outlook and I think (hope) that these all have some of that. Hawksmoor has a skull on the cover after all. Sure, it’s Summer and the sun has been visible a couple of times this past week, so maybe lighter reads would be in order, but I’m just not a beach-read type of person. No chick-lit here. Not that I’m fundamentally against chick-lit, I just don’t think I’d enjoy it. I am always open to recommendations, though. Summer isn’t my favorite time of the year and I do like to balance out all the brightness outside with a bit of internal gloom.
Some of these books may accompany me on my Summer travels, though probably in e-book form as I’m backpacking and won’t be able to carry as many paperbacks as I would like to. Last time we went backpacking I had eight books with me and that wasn’t an issue, but this year we’re hiking for a couple of weeks and I need to take weight into consideration. Sigh. But one or two real books can’t hurt, right? Right. At least now I have my Kindle Paperwhite as supplement. Again, Summer read recommendations are always welcome.

At the store I also wen’t looking for a very cute list book/diary I had stumbled across online the day before. I figured they probably wouldn’t have it, and I was right. They did, however, have the music version of it and were unaware of the existence of a literary one. At the bookstore. Anyway, I definitely couldn’t live without it and went straight home to order it online. So here it is:


It’s very good quality, the list topics are great and the illustrations adorable. Even Hunter S. Thompson is looking pretty cute. Apart from “Authors whose lives fascinate me”, there are “Families I spanned time with”, “Fictional characters I’d go on a date with” and the more regular ones about favorites in different genres, just to name a few. It’s 160 pages long so hours of fun list-making ahead! Now I just need to decide whether to only add books and authors I’m reading from now on, or if I can fill it out retrospectively. Maybe that would make it fill up too quickly. I’m sure I can spend a couple of weeks trying to decide. In the meantime, I’ll just look at the pictures.